Welcome to the Cookeville District!

From Max:


Dear Friends of the Cookeville District,

Greetings to you in the blessed name of Jesus the Christ!

The last weekend in September, leaders of nine congregations in our District gathered at Beersheba Springs Assembly to begin an experience in growing their capacity for fruitful ministry. This was the first installment of our Ministry Academy. This group is fast becoming a learning community that is and will continue to explore opportunities to enhance ministry vitality. Last weekend was focused around the primary question, “WHY?” We also explored our personal leadership styles and considered the call to generative leadership. The next gathering for this group will be in November. This entire experience will be repeated next Fall with a new group of 8-10 participating churches. We hope it will bear fruit for the Kingdom and expand the witness of the United Methodist Church.

This month we begin a new experience as we gather for our Connectional Celebrations and Charge Conferences. I have divided the District into 7 regional groups or missional communities, which will meet together for worship, mutual learning, and individual charge conferences. This is an experiment intended to help us move toward greater vitality in ministry. As with all things that are new, we will learn from this experience and find the most beneficial way forward. Thanks to everyone for your willingness to move in a new direction together.

I hope you know that I count it a deep joy to serve Christ with you. Please know that I give thanks for you and pray for you as we seek to be faithful to the high calling of offering Christ to a hurting world.


Rev. Max Mayo